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IUI Treatment

Bangalore has become one of the most promising and successful hubs for fertility treatments in India. Couples from all over the world prefer getting their fertility checks and treatments done from the best IVF and fertility centers in Bangalore. The average IUI treatment cost in Bangalore is extremely reasonable and a tiny price you pay to attain the joy of parenthood.

About IUI

IUI or intrauterine insemination is a clinical procedure where male semen collected from the intending father is washed and concentrated before being inserted into the intending mother’s womb using a catheter. Your fertility specialist will synchronize the IUI treatment date with your natural menstrual cycle in order to maximize your chances of conception. Given the female’s egg quality, uterus health, and other factors, the chances of IUI treatment success range anywhere between sixteen to twenty-five percent.

Several factors could affect the success of the IUI treatment. These include:

  • Age of the female partner
  • Uterus shape
  • Thickness of the endometrium or the uterine lining
  • Quality of sperms retrieved from the male partner
  • Presence of uterine polyps or fibroids
  • Fallopian tube blockage

In case there is an issue in the sperm production, count, and quality of the intending father, you can also opt for donor sperms for your IUI treatment. Even with donor sperm, the IUI procedure is carried out in the same manner.

IUI Cost in Bangalore

The IUI treatment cost in Bangalore ranges from Rs. 8,000-12,000 per cycle. And you my need multiple cycles for success. The IUI treatment package includes:

  • Cost of the IUI procedure
  • Consultations with the fertility doctor and specialists
  • Drugs and medicines to prepare and complete the procedure.

While considering the IUI treatment cost in Bangalore, you must also consider the fact that in many cases, one cycle is not enough. Therefore, when you are planning for pregnancy through an IUI treatment, you must consider that you could need two or more cycles for success. In that case, your IUI treatment costs also become double, triple, or quadruple, depending on how many cycles it took for a successful conception in your case.

When is IUI Recommended

IUI is one of the promising fertility treatments for couples who have been trying to get pregnant for at least six months or more. IUI could increase chances of conception significantly in cases like:

  • Male ejaculatory disorders
  • Mild male infertility
  • Slight endometriosis
  • Vaginismus
  • Low sperm count
  • Low sperm motility
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Cervical factor infertility
  • IUI Treatment At Archish IVF, Bangalore

How we can help you in your IUI treatment in Bangalore

The fertility doctor and center you choose for your IUI treatment play a significant role in the success of your treatment. At Archish IVF & Fertility Clinic, you can expect the best care and facilities, with state-of-the-art equipment and a caring and skilled team of doctors and fertility specialists. Our IUI success rate is close to twenty-five percent, one of the highest in the country. To book your first consultation with us or for any IUI treatment-related queries, you can contact us on +91 80888 86698 or visit our clinic at 128/9 Maruthi Sapphire, HAL Old Airport Road, near Golden Enclave, Murgesh Palya, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560017.

Frequently Asked Questions

The IUI procedure itself is quite painless. You might only feel slight discomfort for a couple of minutes when the catheter is inserted into your uterus. Cramping is also common after the procedure is completed but that is more to do with ovulation than with IUI.

Your fertility doctor will carry out your IUI procedure around your ovulation dates.

Usually, the implantation happens 6-10 days after the IUI procedure. Usually, around this time your home-pregnancy tests are not conclusive or reliable to know the accurate result. You could wait for one more week and do the home pregnancy test or get a beta hCG blood test to know for sure. Beta hCG tests are usually more reliable and an earlier pregnancy indicator than your home pregnancy tests.

You may feel a little wetness near your vaginal region after the procedure. This is not because of the sperms falling back out, but probably because of the cervical mucus secreted by your vaginal region to loosen up for the catheter.

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